Dress Like a Torah Character Day!

Hello Parents,

Please enjoy these pictures of the students dressed up for spirit day!

IMG_2300 (640x480)


IMG_2302 (640x480)

Moshe with the Ten Commandments

IMG_2303 (640x480)

King Achashverosh and two Queen Esthers

IMG_2305 (640x480)

2 Rachels with their sheep

IMG_2306 (640x480)

Yosef in his colorful coat

IMG_2307 (640x480)

Queen Ester and the Megila

IMG_2308 (640x480)

Kind Little Rivka

IMG_2309 (640x480)


IMG_2310 (640x480)

A Maccabee

IMG_2311 (640x480)

An Elephant on the ark

IMG_2312 (640x480)

The angles who came to visit Avraham

IMG_2301 (640x480)


IMG_2304 (640x480)

and another two Queen Esthers!