Election Day!

What a day at CJDS! Tensions were running high as we waited for election results- and the votes are in! Congratulations to Noga for winning class rep! Congratulations to Shakked for a job well done and a good attitude! Our school VP is Nathan Ross and President is Laya Berendt. Check out our pictures below 🙂

Third grade is beginning our last unit of Jacob’s Ladder which focuses on nonfiction. On Thursday, our class is visiting the J library where each kid will be checking out a new nonfiction book. I am requiring each child to read a nonfiction book in the next month or so. It’s so important to branch out of the ‘genre rut’ that kids get stuck in so often. 

Turkey Tom is due on Friday. I encourage the kids to get creative with any supplies you can find at home! 

Go out and vote if you haven’t already! Happy Election Day! 🙂 

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