Elections, Water, and More!

This week started off with preparing for CJDS election day.  All of our candidates gave excellent speeches, had a great attitude, and supported one another.  Our 4th grade Class Representative this year is Ester Brooke and our school Vice-President is Chloe Teper.

This week we also had another PBL field trip.  On Thursday, we went to Blue Planet Environmental Center to learn more about the importance of water and how water is treated so it can become drinkable.

BP Field Trip 051

In addition to PBL, the students have been working on incorporating strong word choice in to their writing.  We have been discussing as a group and with partners what makes a strong writing piece, as well as looking at examples of pieces with strong word choice.

PBL Lake Norman Two 005 PBL Lake Norman Two 004 PBL Lake Norman Two 003 PBL Lake Norman Two 002 PBL Lake Norman Two 001