Feb. 16-19

This week in first grade we continued our spelling pattern of long -e words. We are studying the vowel teams -ee and -ea. We also talked about words that had -ink and -ing. We worked as a group to generate a list of real and nonsense words that have those patterns in them.

Our weekly Journeys story was The Big Trip. This story was about two friends, Pig and Goat. The Pig was wanting to take a trip and was talking about all of the ways he could go. Goat was telling Pig of all the reasons why Pig’s ideas were unsafe. In the end, Goat told Pig that taking  a big trip can be scary unless you go with a friend. The students used this story to practice the reading strategy of comparing and contrasting and visualizing. We compared the different types of travel and we got into a discussion about our favorite ways to travel! Some of these kids have done more traveling in their 6-7 years of life than I have! They are truly world travelers. 🙂

We have also been rehearsing for our play that will happen at the end of March. March 31st will be the date of the play. Group A will perform at 11:00 and group B will perform at 2:00. There will be formal invitations to come but I wanted to put that on your radar so you can hopefully come!

In writing we finished up our animal stories and they are all on display in the hallway. They are beautiful! Please come check them out when you can. Next week we will focus on voice in our writing. We have discussed it briefly but I want to go more in depth about how authors use voice to write an interesting story. We will discuss our favorite authors and why they are our favorites.

Have a great weekend. Shabbat Shalom!