Feb 29-March 3

For some reason, this week is the week I have noticed SO much improvement in reading from EVERYONE!!  I get so excited when I see them reading words with patterns we are learning in class. Watching a child apply the skills they’ve been taught is one of the most gratifying experiences for a teacher. 🙂 “My little babies” are growing up so fast!! This week we read a biography about a man named Tomas Rivera. Tomas picked crops as a child and became an author as an adult. The children read all about him and worked as a class to create our own biography about him. You may have seen the story come home in their homework folders. We worked as a class to come up with the ideas and the order to write them down. We talked how after you state one of your ideas, you can incorporate your voice into the story. You can share your thoughts or feelings about whatever it is you are sharing. We also were really focusing on our handwriting with this story. We talked about how important it is to use the resources around you when spelling words. Some children are still wanting to use inventive spelling for some words, even if they have access to the correct spelling of the word. With this whole group story the children had my version to look at and copy. When I noticed they had misspelled a word I encouraged them to look back at my copy to check their spelling. This week the students also had art with Mrs. Lerner. They started working on their costumes for our play at the end of the month. Please talk with your child about his/her costume. Ask them what they will be wearing and how they made the costume!

Have a great weekend. Shabbat Shalom!