February 1-5

This week we read another information text title Let’s Go To The Moon. The students were SO interested in this topic! They wanted to know what the weather was like on the moon?, How do you not float away on the moon since there isn’t any gravity?, Why is there not a blue sky like there is on Earth? I could go on and on with the great questions they had. It provided me with impromptu teachable moments when I could tell them more about the moon and even show a quick video from Brain Pop Jr.

Feel free to ask them some questions about the moon:

What is the surface of the moon like?

What is a lunar rover?

What is a crater?

What did the astronauts bring back from the moon?

Why do astronauts wear space suits when they are on the moon?

What is gravity?

This week we continued to work on our animal stories. Most students are in the Publishing stage which is when they write their final drafts. A few others are still working on turning their facts/notes into a story. We had art with Mrs. Lerner this week. She showed us how to draw realistic pictures of our animals in their habitats. The students did an excellent job! We hope to display their artwork at Grandfriends day so unfortunately these projects will stay at school until then. But they will come home after Grandfriends day.

We also had 4th grade buddies again this week. They worked together to make little footballs for the Super Bowl! The 1st and 4th graders work so well together. The 1st graders love working with the older kids and the 4th graders really take their job as the “elder” seriously.

Speaking of “elders” the 100th day of school will be next Friday, February 12th. It’s a tradition for our class to dress like we are 100 years old! We do all sorts of fun activities on this day and reading “words of wisdom” to the kindergartners is one of them. Please be thinking about how your child will dress up for that day. Some ideas are wearing sweaters over their shoulders, putting baby powder in their hair to make it look white, wearing fake glasses, walking with a cane, wearing suspenders, stockings, etc. Feel free to get creative! I will send out another email to remind you but wanted to put that on your radar!

I hope everyone has a great week. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl!! Go Panthers!!

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