February 15th-19th

February 15th-19th 



In reading, the students are learning to use skippy the frog to help them put tricky words in context to read.  We learned to skip over the word to find out what would make sense in that space.  The children loved correcting me when I made mistakes for them to catch.  They helped me work out what the word said, by finishing the sentence and then thinking about what would make sense in that space.  They have loved reading together with their partners and working out the tricky parts of their books. 



Our focus in math this week has been take away or subtraction.  The students have learned about the starting number, changer and final answer.  The children have learned to use a numberline to jump backward or draw a picture and cross out to change the number by counting down.  They continue to work on counting backward from 20 to help with our subtraction calculations.  We’ve spent time reviewing all the different vocabulary words and phrasing that subtraction can be called; minus, take away, how many left, and gave away.  The children continue to enjoy using the class store to practice counting money and they have risen to the challenge of keeping to a budget.    






The children are doing an amazing job creating imaginary stories.  We learned how to write a middle to the story by leading the reader to the big event that happens to the character.  And then we focused on how to make sure we end our stories with a strong ending that lets the reader know we have finished the story. We talked about how  characters change from the beginning  of a book to the end of a book.  We continue to work on adding capital letters, periods and exclamation marks. 



I am so proud of all the children’s hard work this week!  Have a great weekend.