February 15th – 19th

Do you know about the 4 different types of sentences? We do!

Declarative sentences are statements like:

IMG_7612  IMG_7614        IMG_7624   IMG_7628

Interrogative sentences are questions like:


Imperative sentences are commands like:


Exclamatory sentences contain strong feelings like:


We learned that using these different types of sentences in our writing will make our stories and essays much more interesting for our readers! We also worked on finding more interesting nouns, verbs, and adjectives to use in our work. The students reread several of our favorite class read alouds and recorded the “Fancy Nancy” words they found to put up on our word wall. The students are encouraged to use these fancier words to keep their readers’ interested! Here are some of the students reading and searching for great vocabulary words!

IMG_7594 IMG_7592 IMG_7591 IMG_7589

This week we also learned about the prefix “mis” which when added to a word means you have done something wrong, like “misread.” Next week, the students will read the realistic fiction story Violet’s Music and we will work on understanding the structure of the story. We will continue studying the types of sentences and we will write paragraphs intended to persuade our readers! We will also study idioms, or phrases that don’t mean what they say, like “Hit the lights” and “I have butterflies in my stomach!” Our new vocabulary words are nursery, shake, smooth, whenever, hours, alone, real, and museum.


This week the students learned another rule for making words plural- you drop the “y” and add “ies” to words like candy and copy. The students also studied irregular plurals like moose, deer, and feet. We will continue to study these rules throughout the year. Next week, the students will learn about the silent letter patterns “kn” and “wr” like in the words know and wrap.


The students completed their writing unit on voice this week. Next week, they will use the skills and strategies they learned throughout this unit to put ample voice into their persuasive essays! Watch out- we are going to have some very persuasive second graders on our hands soon!!


This week the students did a lot of partner work to practice subtraction, estimation, and finding patterns in numbers! Today, the students in Mrs. Felter’s math class played “Basketball Addition.” This game is an exciting way to practice adding up more than two numbers at a time and all of the students will get a chance to play it soon! Next week, the students will write and solve multiplication stories. The students will also learn about doubling numbers and dividing numbers in half as part of an introduction to fraction work we will begin soon!

Here are two of our mathematicians playing a multiplication and division game: