February 18-20

I hope everyone had fun in the “snow” on Tuesday. It was more like ice which is why we had a bunch of indoor recess this week! Lucky for us we have a new program that allows us to exercise while inside. It’s called Adventure to Fitness. We did a trial video once before and the kids loved it. I ordered two videos and each video has 3 different “Adventures” that the kids get to do. This week they “traveled” to China to scale the Great Wall. They also traveled to Africa to visit the Serengeti Desert to steer a wild herd back on track. The kids really loved these videos and some got more of a work out than they do on the playground!

Indoor Recess 2 Indoor Recess

This week was our review week and I continued with some Mid-Year Assessments. Next week we will dive back into our Journeys curriculum. We will be reading a story called The Big Trip. Students will be comparing and contrasting and also visualizing while they read. We will work on fluency and paying attention to punctuation while reading.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe and warmer weekend! Shabbat Shalom!