February 1st, 2019

I hope that everyone got a lot of good information from the JIE  presenters and workshops this week.  The teachers participated in several workshops to assist us in preparing your children for the future with regards to 21st Century Skills.  As Wendy Mogel stated “whatever those skills might look like, we don’t know yet”  The biggest take away from that is to be adaptable and open to communication.

On Wednesday I sent home Midterms.  I was very pleased with the progress of the class.  This is a fun bunch of intelligent students and I am happy to teach them everyday.  We will be moving into the social studies portion of our PBL next week.  We will be studying American history from explorers to the present.  If any of you have some knowledge or interest in this area, please reach out and possibly you could be a guest in our class to share you knowledge.  As always have a great weekend!