February 27-March 3

We had such a busy February I can’t believe how quickly it flew by! We’ve had quite a number of field trips this month which were a lot of fun. In reading we’ve been learning about visualizing, summarizing and author’s purpose. Sometimes it can be hard for the little ones to grasp the purpose of a story. Many times they think the purpose is based off of how they felt about the  story. So for example, if the story was a non-fiction piece about animals and their needs, some students might think the author’s purpose was to “make the reader happy” rather than “To teach me about how animals all need something they need”. We are working in this in class by discussing the details of the story while we read and then as a group look at those details and decide what they all have in common in order to find out the author’s purpose of the story. We are still practicing our plays. 1 week and two days to go! If you haven’t practiced your child’s lines with them at home, please do so. Some kids know their lines really well but forget when they’re supposed to say them. We are working on our stage presence and being aware of how the audience will see us (facing forward, speaking loudly and slowly enough for the audience to understand us). I am looking forward to seeing every one there. One more reminder of the date and times:

Tuesday, March 14th. Group B will perform at 1:30 and Group A will perform at 2:00. You’re welcome to come to all plays or just for your child’s. 🙂 


Have a wonderful weekend. Shabbat Shalom!