February 8th – 12th

We had another great week and we are ready for the Panthers to win the Super Bowl next year! 🙂

This week the students took their Unit 2 assessment. This test covered many of the reading and language skills we have learned so far this school year. To prepare for the assessment the students reviewed writing complete sentences, parts of speech, adding prefixes and suffixes to root words, and all of the reading comprehension skills we have studied so far.

Here is the prefix/suffix project we created this week to help us review what we have learned about the prefixes un, re, pre, and mis, and the suffixes er, est, ed, and ing.

IMG_7449 IMG_7451 IMG_7452

Next week the students will read the fiction story Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type and we will talk about the author’s purpose for writing. We will learn how to read and write persuasive texts. The students will continue to work on adding prefixes and suffixes to base words. The students will study four types of sentences: Questions, statements, commands, and exclamations! Our vocabulary words are: Problem, impossible, understand, impatient, furious, demand, gathered, and believe.

This week the students continued to practice making words plural by adding “es” or “s”. So far we know that you add an “s” to the end of the word to make it plural, unless the word ends in “ch”, “sh”, “s”, “x”, or “z.” Next week, we will learn how to drop the “y” on the end of a word to make it plural by adding “ies.” This rule applies to words like copies, studies, and puppies.

We continued our writing unit on voice this week by adding in more feelings and details to our writing. The students rewrote pieces on rainy days and added in feeling words that showed their reader if they love rainy days or hate them!

Here are some of the students sharing their rainy day writing!

IMG_7453 (2)

This week the students reviewed the skills we learned in Unit 6. We looked at subtraction with regrouping, making arrays, multiplying, and dividing. For these skills the students are encouraged to draw pictures of their thinking or take the numbers apart to make them easier to work with. Unit 7 will cover patterns and rules for numbers. We will also discuss measurement and weight.