Field Trip Fun!

Hello Families,

I have been working on completing reading and math assessments and will be sending home your child’s level along with the second set of sight words if needed. This week was packed full of learning all about birds, primarily birds of prey.  We read many fictional and nonfiction books about birds. On our field trip to the Carolina Raptor Center we were able to see these birds close up and learn about their rescue stories as well. Ms.Kate gave a demonstration all about owls and we got to touch a real owl tail and talon! We also made bird feeders to help them find food in the winter. If you have ever heard of owl pellets (owls eat their food whole and then regurgitate the parts they do not digest), we opened up two and examined them to see what the owl had been eating! You might think EW, but it was very interesting! Pictures of everything are below! Next week we will be writing stories our trip to the raptor center. Enjoy your weekend! 

Take care,