Finally First Graders!!

Welcome back to school! I have had SO much fun with these little ones so far. They are kind, funny, bright and eager to learn. These first two weeks we have started learning the ins and outs of first grade at CJDS. We have practiced unpacking their things and using their lockers! They explored their desks and their very own pencil boxes (which was a bigger deal than I had anticipated. 🙂 ) We took a tour of the school to refresh our memories of where everything is on the second floor. In the cafeteria they are learning how to wash, say the bracha, stand in line and find a seat at the first grade tables. Also, they are practicing how to respectfully bench while using their benchers, like the big kids do. 🙂 They love playing at our “long”, 30 minute recess! Some even said “That was the longest recess ever! I love first grade!!”

Within the classroom they are exploring the different areas, using a variety of materials and talking about the responsibilities they have as first graders. I explained how my “flexible seating” works and some kids were excited to try that out! In math we are already starting some lessons! I am really looking forward to this year and watching these little firsties grow.

Please enjoy these moments I have captured this week. 🙂


Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Jadyn

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