First 2 Days of School

We have had a blast during our first two days of school!  The 4th graders have done a great job working as a team and participating in class as we all get to know each other better.  In addition to going over the classroom routines and our schedule, the scholars have made book recommendations based on some of their summer reading, written their hopes and dreams for 4th grade, and participated in a photo scavenger hunt to help them get to know where everything is in our classroom (see the great photos they took below!).

The 4th graders also participated in some team building activities, such as a word game where they had to make as many words as they could out of the phrase “Fourth Grade Rocks” and a puzzle race where the students had to see which team could complete a 101 piece puzzle in the shortest amount of time.  The students worked well in their teams, listening to each other’s ideas and working hard to attempt to complete each task.

This morning we had our first CyberKids class where the students were able to listen to a presentation and watch a video that showed them what they will be doing in the class.  Next Friday the students will be divided up with 5th grade into five groups and will choose their robot!

I can’t wait for our first full week of 4th grade!  Have a great weekend!Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 005

Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 029 Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 006 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 027 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 025 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 024 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 020 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 019 Girls Group Scavenger Hunt 018 Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 016 Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 014 Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 013 Boys Group Scavenger Hunt 007