First Five Days and Freckle Juice

Hello parents!

We’ve made it through our first five days of third grade and all is going smoothly! The beginning of the year is filled with assessments to establish where your child is both academically and socially. We play lots of ‘brain games’ to help create a safe, warm, and friendly environment while also finding strengths in each students’ character. Now we’re ready to delve into the curriculum! We will begin the Jacob’s Ladder reading curriculum on Tuesday. I am excited because it really encourages deeper thinking with the children and we often have lengthy discussions about the text, allowing many different perspectives to be considered. We’ll also begin our weekly spelling tests next week. You can expect to find your child’s spelling list stapled into their planner every Monday (or Tuesday next week due to Labor Day). Cursive handwriting is underway- and a good amount of the kids are loving it! I’m reading Freckle Juice, by Judy Blume,  to the kids…and will bring ‘Freckle Juice’ for the kids to drink on Friday!  It’s a delicious recipe:) If you’d like the ingredients, send me an email….I don’t want the kids to know my family’s secret recipe!  If you ever have questions about what’s going on in the classroom, please be in touch via email. Thanks for sharing your kids with me!