First Grade Fun

Hello Everyone!

We are off to a great start in first grade this year and I am absolutely loving my time with these little ones. We have adjusted well to the routines and procedure of first grade at CJDS. We’ve been diving into reading, writing, math, sight words, art, team building, handwriting, and much more! We are always busy and continuously having fun! If you have not yet signed up for Instagram, please consider doing so. There is so much to see there and I am constantly posting pictures and videos of our days at school. If you have not yet signed up and are feeling a little intimated about it, please feel free to email me and set up a time where we can get together so I can walk you through. I promise, it’s not that difficult once you know the basics. This is an easy and up to date way for me to consistently share information with you. This week we started our reading curriculum which is called Journeys. We’re practicing decoding and sight word reading along with fluency. Some students are ready to dive deeper and focus on comprehension and vocabulary. In math we have finished our first unit which was a review of counting up and back by ones, patterns, temperature and data collection. In writing we are focusing our learning on ideas and details. We’re learning how to pick a topic that we know about and can write details for. Writing can be a challenge for young students but we are learning and growing together. 🙂 


I hope everyone has a wonderful Shabbat. See you on Monday (finally!) 🙂 


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