Freckle Juice

If your children come home from school today with more freckles than they had this morning, it’s because they all drank Freckle Juice! We read the book in class and the kids were disgusted by the secret recipe listed in the book…ask them what ingredients were required! I brought in some of my own ‘special recipe Freckle Juice’…and they loved it! 🙂 Take a look at the pictures below!

Next week, we begin our weekly spelling tests. On Tuesday, you can expect your child to have their spelling words stapled into their homework planner. Every Friday, we will have a post test. If a student misses a word on the post test, that word is added to their list the following week as an additional word. You can also expect DLR (Daily Language Review) homework next week. This is a short spiral review of grammar, spelling, and writing rules. Finally, please be sure to remind your child to read 30 minutes each night. They have a reading log which should be filled out nightly. Today most of the kids had their completed reading logs, but a handful did not. 

Progress reports will be sent home next Friday. You can expect to find out more information about your child’s beginning of year assessments and reading levels. Progress reports will be sent home in a green folder and should be signed and returned the following day. 

Shabbat Shalom!