Friday, March 10

Good Afternoon!

Boy, have we been busy, busy, busy! We’ve started PBL projects on regions of the United States, are working on the William & Mary curriculum and have been having fun learning about and celebrating Purim. 🙂 It’s amazing that students are engaged in reading two novels right now! They are really enjoying The Secret Garden and their own novels.

Today we had an assembly where students watched a performance about energy conservation, followed by a Purim Assembly. Next week we’ll have a drum circle on Monday and a field trip to the symphony on Friday morning. Progress Reports will also come home next week.

Enjoy the pictures below. One is from a discussion about change in William & Mary and the other is from today’s Purim costume presentation!

Please remember that students are coming home with homework this weekend. They are to finish a hamburger model and persuasive paragraph that they started in class and also read in their novels.

Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs. Dranove