Friday, March 31

Good Afternoon!

Wow! Can you believe that tomorrow will be April? Where does the time go? We’ve been so busy with PBL, William & Mary, research papers, reading novels, and so much more that it seems to have flown by! One more week before Spring Break! I know the kids are excited.

Students should be working on research projects and oral presentation notecards at home now. Papers should be turned in, and presentations will take place, next Friday, April 7th. Some students have mentioned that they will not be in school that day, and I’ve told them that they should be ready to present on Thursday. 🙂

Thank you so much to Mrs. Carolyn Stone, all parents, and all students for making today a special day. We had cupcakes, made a fun mad-lib about our year so far, and celebrated Baby Dranove. I am truly appreciative of the heartfelt cards and generous gift card that the class presented me. Thank you!!!

Enjoy a few pictures from Pesach Day yesterday- we had a blast! I’m sure you heard all about it!

Shabbat shalom!

Mrs. Dranove