Go Panthers!

What a successful spirit day! All the classes created a poster in support of the Panthers and also came up with a cheer or song to sing. Third graders created an awesome version of the hit song ‘Dynamite’ and performed for the whole school. Ask your child to sing the song for you this weekend! In between rooting for the Panthers, we managed to squeeze in some Junior Great Books stories. We wrapped up The Mushroom Man and are moving onto Fire on the Mountain next week.

Reminder- School begins at 9:30 on Monday! Enjoy the weekend! CIMG2142 (640x480) CIMG2143 (640x480) CIMG2144 (640x480) CIMG2147 (640x480) CIMG2148 (640x480) CIMG2149 (640x480) CIMG2150 (640x480)