Grandfriends’ Day and Farm Fun!

The second grade’s Grandfriends’ Day presentation was a big success! I was so proud of the way the students learned their lines for the tortoise and hare play. Mrs. Beverley was blown away by their hard work in music class! The students’ writing and Judaica work was on display in Lerner Hall and I had several non-second grade parents tell me they loved reading your children’s writing!

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CTP4 Reminders

Beginning on Monday, May 18 students will take the CTP 4 test developed by Educational Record Bureau.  This test is designed to assess a student’s reasoning, reading, writing and math skills.  We administer the test each year to make informed decisions about our curriculum and instruction.  In addition, we use it to determine the academic strengths and needs of each student.  Please help us prepare your child for this test by implementing the following test preparation tips:

  1. Ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep.
  2. Provide your child with a healthy breakfast (water and protein should be included).
  3. Have an enjoyable, easygoing morning and arrive to school on time.
  4. Praise your child for their efforts and reassure them that they are only being asked to do their best.

Second grade will take the test Monday, May 18 – Thursday, May 21. Testing begins promptly each day at 8:15.  Testing lasts from 1 to 2 hours each day.

Students who have excused absences or tardies due to medical appointments or illness will be eligible to make up the missed section(s) of the test the following week, May 26-29.  Students with unexcused absences and tardies will not be eligible to make up the missed section(s) of the test and will have incomplete test data for that day and on their final student report.  More than one unexcused absence or tardy will result in your child not taking the test and you will not receive a written report regarding your child’s performance.

Upon completion of the testing process, CJDS will receive and analyze the school and student reports in July.  Please look for student reports to be sent home in August.  In addition to the reports, you will also receive a cover letter with a detailed explanation and a pamphlet explaining the subtests and scores.

This week we have been reviewing the content and strategies we have learned throughout this school year. The students had many opportunities to use these strategies during practice assessments and games we played in class.

We had a fun week practicing these skills! Here the students are working together to review their skills.

IMG_4110 (3) IMG_4114 (3) IMG_4113 (3) IMG_4112 (3)


Yesterday, the Stone family welcomed us to their farm. It was a wonderful day full of goat milking, cheese making, chicken chasing, garden exploring, and egg collecting! Mr. Stone even taught us about the different jobs on the farm, and showed us the different steps it takes to get food from nature and onto our plates! A big thank you goes out to the Stone family for this awesome experience! Check out our farm fun slideshow below!

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