Great start to Third Grade!

Hello parents,

Third grade is off to a great start! So far, we’ve been working on routines, transitions and establishing expectations. The class, along with the whole school, is following the same 4 rules this year: Be safe, Be empathetic, Be responsible, and Be purposeful. I have been incorporating these four terms into my daily language and really trying to drive home how each rule can apply to various areas of the school- and generally, life! Yesterday, the kids met Coach Matt for PE and focused on dribbling in preparation for basketball games. Today, they met Corbin, their Kinetic Heights instructor, whose focus was team building. On Monday, we’ll begin our assessments in reading, writing, spelling and math. These help me establish a baseline for each individual student and discover their strengths and academic needs. I learned so much about each child today by seeing their ‘Me Bag’- and can’t wait to learn even more this year! As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns.