Groundwater models

This week was our first full week in school after a few weeks of chagim. The children were excited and eager to get back to school and a regular routine.

In PBL this week, we wanted to further explore what happens to water when it soaks in the ground. Does it stay there? Can it move?

To investigate this, we created groundwater models to represent the Earth’s natural layers in the ground. We used gravel, coffee filters and sand in clear cups to represent the different layers of the earth deep underground. The coffee filter represents a porous layer of rock, that lets water through but keeps the sand out of the gravel layer. We then observed what happens when water is poured in.

In other news, we finished our focus on the write trait of Ideas this week! The children learned how important it is to have a clear main idea and how reducing filler can help to make their writing easier to follow.

In Math, we began Unit 3, which focuses on Multiplication and Division, Number Sentences and Algebra. Reminder: children should be practicing their speed drills at home!

Student Council applications also went out this week, where children apply for positions on the student council if they wish. It is a big responsibility and a huge honor to be chosen as a member of the Student Council. Completed applications must be turned in no later than October 24, 2017. Good luck to all who are applying! 

This week, 4th grade enjoyed a Pajama day as a reward for collecting 10 emojis!! Well done everyone for a fantastic effort!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.