Happy Chanukah!

We had a blast learning all about the story of Chanukah.   We experienced many parts of the story through drama.  For example, we pretended that we were the Maccabees searching for a sealed jar of oil.  Someone (I wonder who 🙂 ) hid several jars of colored water and only one sealed jar of oil around our classroom, and we had to find the right one!

Here is what it looked like when we found it:


Judaica folders are coming home today!  In addition to Aleph Bet work you will find:

  • Sarah and Rivkah’s tent, showing the three Nissim (or miracles) that happened while these two special women lived there.
  • A Chanukah story book that your child illustrated.
  • A Parent – Teacher communication note.  Please sign and return with the folder on Monday.

Looking forward to a super fun day at Chanukah Wonderland!