Happy Chanukah!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Chanukah and your children are coming home loaded with treasures.  Here is some of what you can expect to find in your child’s backpack.

  • A project on our foremothers, Sarah and Rivkah’s tent.  Ask your child about the three nissim (miracles) that took place in that tent.  Ask them to define just what a nes (miracle) is?
  • Alef Bet work.  
  • Center feedback sheets. 
  • A Chanukah story book illustrated by your child.  Ask your child about the 2 nissim (miracles) of Chanuka.  
  • A gift from Ms. Jadyn and myself.  Ask your child why it is a tradition to give Chanukah coins and/or gifts?  in order to stick to tradition, we included a real quarter along with our gift.
  • A Chanukiya your child made today at assembly.  Ask your child which candle we light first?
  • A Chanukah coin (real! not chocolate) from all of at CJDS.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Chanukah and winter break.