Happy Purim!

We had a seriously action packed and exciting week! On Tuesday, we saw an excellent production of Charlotte’s Web. The students did a great job of being respectful theater attendees! The play was very cute and we were impressed by the way some of the actors were able to play more than one role (we were pretty proud of ourselves for figuring that out too!) ūüôā

OnThursday, CJDS had the best Purim celebration ever! The students’ costumes were so cool and I could not believe all the different ways they dressed up as the days of creation! After the costume contest and reading the Megillah, the students made their own¬†hamentaschen (if you haven’t baked these yet, you might want to look for them in the brown bag your child brought home.) The students exchanged gifts they made in Judaica class, sang Hebrew songs, and had a taco lunch. It was such a great day!

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This week we read a biography on Helen Keller. The students created brochures on Helen Keller to record the new information they had learned. We will continue reading about Helen next week as we focus on the reading strategy of main idea.¬†We will continue with the vocabulary words:¬†curious, imitated, knowledge, motion, silence, illness, darkness, and behavior.¬†We will study how to use the suffix -ly to change words into meaning “in a way that is.” For example quick becomes quickly (in a way that is quick.) The students will edit their work to make sure they have capitalized proper nouns.

This week the students will learn how to drop the “y” and add “ies” when making words, like baby, plural. Due to the shorter week we will continue with these words next week.

Next week we will continue working on writing persuasive paragraphs were the students are required to add in additional reasons and details for their arguments. We will work as a class to write paragraphs about some of the issues we see in society that we would like to see changed or improved.

This week¬†we studied line plot and bar graphs. The students answered some pretty complicated questions using the data on the graphs. We also made up songs and raps about how to find the range, mode, and median of a set of data. Mrs. Felter’s class will have their unit 7 test on Monday, and both classes will begin Unit 8 on fractions! Some of the first concepts we will focus on are: Using manipulatives to create 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8, dividing shapes into equal parts, writing fraction names, comparing fractions using pattern blocks, and describing and naming fractional parts of a collection of objects. This is a fun and hands on unit!

See everyone tomorrow! Watch your child’s gold folder for their progress report.