It has been quite an exciting week in Kitah Aleph

The students are working hard and have learned to read their first story all in Hebrew.  I have overheard comments like “Hey why is everything in here in Hebrew!!”  Apparently not everyone go the memo!  I am very pleased with everyone’s progress so far.

Today was a super exciting day in Kitah Aleph.  Rabbi Vorst was a good sport and dressed up like our friendly Lion who helps us learn how to read.  Lion in Hebrew is Ariyeh and a letter (of the Aleph bet) is an Ot–put those two things together and you get his name “Ariot”.group b for the website

The students were very surprised when he burst into the classroom in the costume.

group a for the website

After the visit everyone got to make an ariot crown and tomorrow we are going on a parade around school.  Don’t be surprised if your student comes home wearing a crown tomorrow.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Donna