Jack and the Wolf

Our weekly story was a fable, Jack and the Wolf. Students worked on summarizing and understanding characters. In this story, Jack learns a lesson about lying. The students took turns making connections to the character and relating to the events that happen to him in the story. A few students were able to talk about times that they had played tricks on someone and how it affected the relationship. It was a story that taught a lesson and many of the students enjoyed reading about Jack as he learned his lesson! Our weekly spelling pattern was short a. We added two High Frequency Words to our list this week and a lot of students rose to the challenge! They are getting very good at taking and giving spelling tests. Since the spelling words are differentiated depending on individual needs, the students give each other their assessments. They are so cute when they do this. They have learned how to communicate with their partner to tell them when they are ready for the next word and/or if they need a word repeated.


We visited the book fair and took our school pictures this week. It was a busy and shorter week but the kids did a good job adjusting to the change in schedule.

Monday is our 1st Field Trip!! We will be going to play, Junie B. Jones. We have been reading these chapter books since the beginning of school. The students have grown to love Junie B. and I can’t wait for them to see her in “real life”. Please make sure your child wears his/her CJDS shirt on Monday.

Have a great weekend!