January 12-15

This week in reading workshop students read a fictional story called The Big Race. In this story Red Lizard wants to run in a race to win a big cake. This story provides the opportunity for the students to practice making predictions and drawing conclusions based off of the events that happen and the picture clues they see. As a class we also worked on reading with expression. We practiced reading without expression and came the conclusion that the story sounds much better and is more interesting when we read with expression. The class also reviewed past and present tense verbs. We discussed how adding an -ed to the end of a verb makes it past tense. In spelling this week we are diving into long vowel patterns! Students have words with the CVC-e pattern, where the “bossy -e” makes the vowel say its name. I can already tell that this pattern is also transferring into a lot of their decoding skills while reading! It’s great to watch those two subject areas influence the other.

Next Monday we are off so I’ll see you all on Tuesday! Shabbat Shalom!