Jewish Names and Lentil Soup

Last week we learned how to write our Jewish names.


  • Traced them with dry erase crayons.
  • Shaped them out of play-dough or wiki sticks.
  • Colored them with color switcher markers.
  • And yes, we did leave time and space to write our names with a plain old #2 pencil.

The culmination of our week was to create our Jewish names out of craft sticks!  These stunning creations are now hanging on the doors of our classroom cupboard.  Feel free to stop by and check it out, or check these pictures instead.








This past week, we learned the story of the twins, Yaakov and Eisav.  While Yaakov was the younger twin by less than a second, he was clearly the more responsible, serious brother who preferred to spend his time studying Torah.  

One day, when Ya’akov was cooking a lentil soup, Eisav stomped in starving.  He demanded the soup Ya’akov was cooking, and Ya’akov grabbed at the chance to convince Eisav to give up the birthright of being the older son for the pot of soup. 

What do you know?  Eisav agreed!

yaakov and eisav

Was it a fair trade?  Did Eisav make a good choice?  Only one way to know… Taste lentil soup ourselves.

Suffice to say that this kindergarten class’s aversion to cumin made it quite clear that Ya’akov got the better end of the deal.