Judaica Folders Coming Home Today!

Overstuffed Judaica folders are coming home today and here is what you can expect to find:

  • Aleph Bet work
  • Listening center feedback sheets.  After listening to a story, the students fill out a feedback paper on how they liked the book and their favorite part.
  • Puppets.  One side of the puppet is Yaakov, the twin who grew up to be one of our fathers, the other side is Eisav, the not so nice twin.
  • A collage depicting Yaakov’s famous dream about a ladder and angels.  Ask your child:
    • What were the Malachim (angels) made of?
    • What did Hashem promise Yaakove during his dream?
  • Some art that has been hanging on our walls (Yes, that IS a sukkah coming home in January)
  • A parent teacher-communication note.  Please sign and/or comment and return along with the empty folder on Monday

Shabbat books are coming home this week.  Enjoy!  And please return on Monday.

Acting out the story of Yaakov and Eisav’s big switch. Eisav got the lentil soup and Yaakov became the oldest.

Lentil soup straight from the pot no manners at all!