Judaica Folders Coming Home Today!

Judaica Folders are coming home today and here is some of what you can expect to find:

  • Aleph Bet work for our last letters!  We finished the Aleph Bet!
  • A book all about Lag Ba’omer.
  • A kosher “kollage” covering some of the concepts we learned.
  • A worksheet from our Jewish literature unit.
  • A teacher-parent communication note.

Please fill comment and/or sign the note and return with the empty folder on Tuesday.

We read the book As Big As An Egg and acted it out!

The night was cold. The line was long.

“Please give me a piece of bread to bring to people who are sick.”

Chaim pulled off a piece about as big as an egg. With a sigh, he dropped it in the sack.

Chaim smiled as he said Shema and went to sleep.

He thought he heard a scurrying sound. He thought he saw the tip of a tail shake like a scolding finger.

A piece was missing. A piece about as big as an egg.

And Chaim never saw a hint of Bubbe Hinda’s helper again.


Reminder that the Aleph Bet party will take place on Tuesday, May 29 at 9:00 AM in the kindergarten Judaica classroom.  It would be wonderful if you could send your child dressed in Shabbat clothes in honor of this special day.