Judaica Folders Coming Home Today!

Some very full Judaica Folders are coming home today.  Here are some of the exciting things you can expect to find:

  • Jewish name work.  We shaped, traced and wrote our names all different ways!
  • A page on the fruit of the trees and the fruit of the ground.  We discussed the blessing on fruits in connection with Tu B’Shvat.
  • A book illustrated by your child titled The Tree of Life. Also in connection to Tu B’Shvat.  This was done on a day when quite a few children were absent.  I am sending home blank books for the children who missed this activity.  If your child would like, they can draw the pictures at home. 
  • A puppet decorated two ways.  One side is the kind, good brother Yaakov, and the other was his not-so-nice twin, Eisav
  • A collage depicting Yaakov’s dream about the ladder, and the angels climbing up and down.  Some of the children completed this project today, and the glue is still wet so not everyone is bringing this home.
  • Plenty of Alef Bet work.
  • A Parent-Teacher communication note.  Please sign and/or comment and return along with the empty folder on Monday.

Shabbat books are coming home today as well.  Please return on Monday.