Judaica Folders Coming Home Today

Hello Parents,

Once again, Judaica folders are coming home! SinceI have been sending home the art projects as they have been completed in time for each holiday, you will not find much art in the folder. You will find a Parent-Teacher communication note and some Aleph Bet work.  Please empty the folder of the work, sign the Parent-Teacher communication note, and return it along with the folder on Monday.

Today the children choose Shabbat books for the first time.  We will do this most Fridays, excluding those when school is out on Monday.  The kindergartners and I have discussed that it is their job to make sure the book is in their backpack on Sunday night, so that it makes it back to school on Monday.   There is a spot on your child’s book log where the Shabbat Book can be entered, and counted towards the monkey prizes.  I understand that for some families the weekend may get too busy to read a book.  In that case, feel free to keep it an extra day or two.  However if the book is not returned by the following Friday, your child will unfortunately not get the opportunity to choose another book.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Rochel