Kef L’Tayel! – It’s fun to travel in Israel!


Take off!

As promised, our Wednesday afternoons will be devoted to “Kef L’tayel B’Yisrael” (It’s fun to travel in Israel). So here’s our report!

We took off on our El Al flight from Charlotte to “N’mal Teufah Ben Gurion” (Ben Gurion Airport) in Lod.

Our classroom was transformed into a “Matos” (airplane), we each received a “Degel Yisrael (Israeli flag), we watched the “Seret Ha’btichot” (Security video), we enjoyed a flight “Chatif” (snack) and we learned about David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the State of Israel.

It was an exciting start!CIMG4849

And We're OFF!!!

And We’re OFF!!!

From the Ben Gurion airport we traveled south to the Negev. We visited the capital of Southern Israel, Be’er Sheva, one of the first locations in Eretz Yisrael where our forefathers Avraham and Sara, Yitzchak and Rivka, Yakov and Leah settled.

In the midst of this serious desert environment, complete with endless sand, snakes, scorpions and of course camels, the Israelis have successfully built a modern, beautiful city. Be’er Sheva today is filled with homes, malls, universities and businesses.

Studying in Be'er Sheva about Be'er Sheva!

Studying in Be’er Sheva about Be’er Sheva!

It's really hot in the Be'er Sheva!

It’s really hot in the Be’er Sheva!

From Be’er Sheva we traveled east to visit the Yam Hamelach (The Dead Sea). On the way we saw the destroyed city of Sedom and explored the amazing Yam Hamelach. There are those who say, that the salt and minerals surrounding the Yam Hamelach can be traced to the wife of Lot and the destruction of the wicked cities of Sedom.

The Yam Hamelach today is filled with tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy the minerals and vitamins that are found in this amazing sea. Although it’s a “dead sea” and much too salty for anything to live in this sea, it’s lots of fun to float in it without any effort, in fact you cannot sink. Another world famous attraction are the Dead Sea minerals, many people cover their bodies with the mud of the sea as a special skin treatment.

As part of the “virtual tour”, we slathered our hands with mud, we saw some hilarious you tubes of people trying to dive into the Yam Hamelach, unsuccessfully I might point out and as a “mazkeret” (souvenir), we created “delicious” salt sundaes.

CIMG4915 CIMG4893 CIMG4901


Please stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted on our travels right here, at the CJDS website!!!!