Kindergarten News!

Kindergarten Newsletter



Happy first week of Kindergarten!  This first week has been so exciting getting to know your little ones.

Our morning meetings have been filled with sharing all about one another and our hopes and dreams for the year.  The children have loved talking about their families, friends and favorite things using their all about me posters.  We have been so proud of how confidently they have been willing to share these with their friends. 

We also talked about our hopes and dreams for the school year.  Some of their hopes and dreams include sharing, learning, having fun and taking care of each other.  We used these to form our classroom expectations.  This will help us to have an outstanding year and achieve these goals.  The children agreed that following directions, listening to each other, and taking care of the classroom are all important in being a successful Kindergartener and creating a class community. 

This week the children have had fun exploring centers and classroom materials.  They have been learning to use the manipulatives in a productive way and how to partner talk.

The children are excited about our class point system that we use called ‘Dojo’.  They earn points for all the wonderful things they do each day for example, looking after each other or following directions.  Once they get 10 points, they get to go to treasure box.   If you see little gifts in their back packs it is probably from treasure box. 

This has been a fun filled week and we look forward to many more fun learning adventures together. 


The Kindergarten Team