Kosher Symbols and Lag Ba’Omer Trip

In honor of CJDS’s 30th birthday, each class is being asked to bring in 30 kosher symbols.  Well kindergarten needs more than that, because this week we are learning all about Kosher!  We are creating amazing “Kosher Kollages” and we’d love to have a bunch of Kosher symbols to include.

So please check your cupboards, recycles bins and pantries for food labels that have a Kosher symbol and send them in with your students – clean/dry packages or labels torn from containers are preferred. 🙂

Here are some samples of Kosher symbols:

Here are some pictures of our awesome Lag Ba’Omer trip that we took on Thursday.  It may have been a little tiring but it was so much fun!

At our Lag Ba’Omer bonfire

A bonfire as bright as the Torah we learn


Roasted marshmallows! Yum!

Star ball!

Under the parachute