Kufsat HaZikaron – Memory Box!

קופסת הזיכרון

They have arrived!!!

To help stimulate our Hebrew and Judaica memories we decorated a special container called the “KUFSAT HAZIKARON”- The Memory Box. We have already placed our Kitah Aleph album as well as our Kitah Bet “Choveret Lamizkeret” into the “KUFSAT HAZIKARON” to help us remember so much of what we have learned and make learning new things much easier.

Here are some of the comments I overheard as the students flipped through their souvenir booklets from the previous years:

  • Wow! I look so much younger!
  • That was my favorite shirt!
  • Oh! Look! I’m missing my front teeth!
  • I remember that it snowed the day before this picture was taken!
  • I forgot about this party, look at how cute you look!

Throughout the year we will add new memories to our KUFSA as we continue to add to our knowledge.

Just look at their enthusiasm!CIMG5656 CIMG5657 CIMG5658 CIMG5659 CIMG5660 CIMG5661 CIMG5662 CIMG5663 CIMG5664 CIMG5665 CIMG5666 CIMG5667 CIMG5668 CIMG5669 CIMG5670 CIMG5671