Looking back at Purim

Purim was a day filled with mizvot. We listened to Rabbi Weiss read the megilla and, true to CJDS tradition, all second graders followed beautifully in the text. We are so proud of them!

We gave our friends mishloach manot, which consisted of a wonderful mix of creation foods. We gave matanot la’evyonim – tzedaka to two different recipients and of course enjoyed a delicious Purim meal. During bentching we remembered to say the special prayer of Ve’al Hanissim and our costumes made our Purim celebration complete.

Can you guess what day of creation each of our students is dressed up as?

Ariella Brielle Chaim Daniel 2 Gedalia Ilan Lael Meir  netanel 3 Talia Yaakov Shmuel Yaakov Tzvi Yehoshua Yehuda Leib Yeshaya 2 Yitzchak 2Moshe