March 15th-19th

March 15th-19th


In reading this week we focused on finding clues in the text to answer the question of ‘What is the Main Idea.’  The children played four squares, where they drew four picture parts of the story to help them understand what the main idea was.  The children did a great job.  We also learned the sounds ‘oo’ and ‘ow’ and played activities helping us to apply the new sounds and recognize them in books. 



This week in math we looked at adding three numbers and strategies to do it quickly, for example doubles and near double.  We also learned how to make our equations balance using a math triangle for part,  part, whole.  Another new topic this week was learning about the measurement of weight.  The students took part in a steam activity to investigate heavy and light objects around our classroom. 



We have continued to work on our writing instruction.  This week we had fun learning about how we drink hot tea in Scotland and enjoyed learning how to make a cup of tea to enjoy with Mrs. Makowski.  We learned how to take notes as we made the tea, so we could make clear instructions for somone else to follow.  We may need to try a few different kinds of tea, it was a hit!  We had original decaf tea this time. 

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!