March 16-20

Our essential question this week was “What clues help you figure out how characters feel?” This was the perfect question to lead our discussions about our weekly story and to guide us during our rehearsals for the play. Our Journeys story was a biography about an author named Tomas Rivera. We read about his childhood and how he became a teacher and a writer. During our play rehearsals we discussed what the characters should be acting like based off of what they are saying and doing in the play. The students are starting to get the hang of this and they are really cute little actors. 🙂

Speaking of the play, we also worked on our invitations to the play. We filled out the invite, addressed the envelopes and walked them to the mailbox. One group got lucky and met the mail lady there as she was picking up the mail! She talked with us about how the mail gets sorted and delivered to each house. Some students asked if she thought their handwriting was neat enough to read. We had had a big discussion about handwriting and that it needed to be very neat so strangers could read it. They took that discussion very seriously!

Be on the lookout for your child’s invitation in the letter. It should arrive today or tomorrow! Have a great weekend. Shabbat Shalom!

adlai alma 1 alma 2 mail