March 7th- 11th

What a wild and wacky day!



This week the students read a biography on Helen Keller. We have been learning about different genres of text like nonfiction, poetry, biography, etc. Next week we will read two different genres, humorous fiction and informational nonfiction. We worked on the suffix “-ly” today by performing a silly play full of words containing that ending. The students did an excellent job talking excitedly, moving happily, and whispering sinisterly! We will continue talking about this suffix next week and we will work on abbreviations, compound words, and using a dictionary. Our reading strategies will be cause and effect, and rereading to clarify meaning. Our new vocabulary words: Attention, buddy, obeys, speech, enormous, safety, shocked, and station.


This week the students studied words containing the vowel pairs “ea” and “ai”. Next week, we will work on putting words into the past tense by adding “ed” or by dropping the “y” and adding “ies” on words like study.


We took a break from persuasive writing this week to write true stories that contain a lot of voice! The students did a fabulous job using creative words to convey their feelings to their readers. We heard stories about new puppies, play-dates, vacations, and the big Judaica party! Next week, the students will begin their new unit on word choice.

Here are two of our writers sharing their creative stories! The students are working on giving specific feedback to their peers about what they loved about their writing and what they could do better next time.

CIMG3362 CIMG3363


We are loving our unit on fractions! The students figured out quickly that fractions are all around them in the real world! When you split a cookie with your brother, that half is a fraction of the whole cookie! We have worked on naming, drawing, and comparing fractions this week. We will continue to work on these skills next week.