March 8-11

This week students read the story Little Rabbit’s Tale. In this story we practiced talking about cause and effect and making good predictions while reading. I told the students that when we make predictions while reading we are being active and engaged. We are thinking about the story and using clues from the text to help us figure out what might happen next. I explained that our predictions might not always be correct but that if we use our prior knowledge and the clues from the text we can make informed and most likely accurate predictions. This we also learned about compound words. We talked about how compound words and contractions can be very similar because they are combining two words into one. But the the difference is that when we combine words for a compound word, the spelling of the two words does not change.

This week we also went to art to finish up our costumes, setting and to make posters for our plays. The kids are loving our art time and have done an excellent job on the setting! Can’t wait for you all to see it. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to have your child wear his/her CJDS for the field trip on Monday.

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