March 9-13

Our weekly story was called Where does food come from? Students focused their learning on the comprehension skill, author’s purpose. They discussed the details that were given to support the author’s main idea. We learned that all food comes from somewhere and by “somewhere” we mean, not the grocer store! Students read about different types of grain, like wheat, rice and corn. They had excellent questions while reading that lead us into deeper thinking and conversations. The first graders also are practicing letter writing, specifically focusing on the layout of the letter and the 5 parts (greeting, date, body, closing and signature).

This week we also learned that the first graders will be putting on their first play at CJDS. They started rehearsing their parts and are super excited about performing. They are all taking this seriously and are studying their parts! I can’t wait to see them shine. Not only will is this fun for them but they are also practicing reading with expression and fluency. It’s easier for the kids to realize what fluency really means and how important it is when they get to listen to each other as they read their part in the play.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy these few pictures from last week’s Dr. Seuss activities!

Cole reading hayley reading leah and penina Mia reading shakked reading chaya reading adlai's sock shakked and cornelius