May 11-15

This week we practiced for the CTP-4. We talked about strategies to use while figuring out problems. We learned the QAR’s stand for Question Answer Relationships. The students practiced reading passages and answering questions. There are different types of questions such as “Right there” kind of questions. Those are questions that typically answer who, what, when, where, why and how. They can easily be found right in the text. Think and Search questions are a little harder. Students might possibly need to read different parts of the text and use that information to answer the questions. Sometimes students need to infer or use their background knowledge to make an educated decision on which answer makes the most sense. I am very proud of how well the students did this week and I feel confident that they will do just fine taking the test.

1st grade will only be testing Monday-Wednesday. Please make sure your child has had a full breakfast in the morning and have them arrive on time. Also, in case it is chilly in the room please have your child bring in a light sweater or jacket to wear in case they are cold during testing. Also please assure your child that they do not have to worry about “going on to 2nd grade” based on this test. Sometimes it is a common misconception with the younger grades that this test is so important that you won’t graduate first grade if you don’t do well. I really want to make this as comfortable of a process for each student. I do not want them anxious or scared. Remind them that they prepared for this test and they are ready because of the practice they did with me in class. 🙂


Have a great weekend. We will see you all on Monday!