May 16th – 20th

I am so proud of how hard the students worked on the CTP4 test this week! We played several different review games to prepare for the test and everyone participated with great focus! This week we also polished up our writing portfolios and picked out our favorite pieces to share at our writing celebration this coming Monday, May 23rd. The students have been practicing their presentation skills like reading with a clear voice, not blocking their face with their paper, and sitting up proudly!

Next week is an exciting week:

Monday- Writing Celebration

Thursday- Lag B’omer Celebration

Friday- Tehillim Club Trip and Half Day of school

But! Whenever we are in the classrooms we are still going to be working hard and preparing for third grade! We are still completing math and writing units, as well as working on some important big kid reading comprehension strategies! Thank you for sending your kiddo to school ready to learn each day!