May 23rd – 27th

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us for our Writing Celebration on Monday! It meant so much to the students to get to share their hard work with you! They were very nervous and you were a perfect audience! 🙂

We have spent this week wrapping up our busy school year. The students have been working hard to complete their writing unit on sentence fluency. This unit teaches the students to begin sentences in a variety of ways, use sounds and other short sentences to spice up their writing, and write sentences of varying lengths. The students have been practicing these skills by writing a story about our trip to Reidsville.

Next week, the students will bring home their writing portfolios and other work from this school year. I will also be sending home a packet full of summer reading ideas to help them brush up on their skills before third grade!

Yesterday, we took a fabulous trip to the Aw Shucks farm to celebrate Lag B’Omer! The students participated in a scavenger hunt, went on a wagon ride, planted watermelon seeds, roasted marshmallows, fed the goats and sheep, and explored the farm! Below are some of the pictures from this wonderful trip!

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