May 7, 2021

As we wrap up our school year, the students will participate in our “Sneak Peek into Third Grade!” Some of the skills we will work on are listed below.


Third grade readers can read independently for longer chunks of time and know how to use clues to determine the meanings of unknown words! We will practice using context clues to determine the meanings of challenging words. Third grade readers also make sure to stop and read the directions before beginning a new assignment, so we will work on this skill too!

Having strong phonics skills is important in third grade as the text becomes more challenging! During the final weeks of school, we will review phonics patterns like digraphs (two letters together that make one sound, like sh, th, ea, and oa) and diphthongs (the special kinds of vowel sounds that you hear in words like boy, coin, round, etc.)


Third grade spellers can spell prefixes, suffixes, and root words (this is also a helpful reading skill!) Our final lists of spelling words will contain prefixes like “un”, “pre”, and “re”, and suffixes like “ful”, “less”, and “able”. The students will create art to illustrate the differences between words, like hopeless vs. hopeful.


The third grade math skills will build upon everything the students have learned this year. To be ready for third grade, we will review many skills over the next few weeks, with an emphasis on two-digit addition and subtraction, and one-digit multiplication.


The students will write their final second grade story next week. This final sample of writing should include all the writing skills they have studied this year: strong ideas, a logical sequence, powerful words, different types of sentences, and easy-to-read writing mechanics! This piece of writing will be passed on to their third grade teacher, Mrs. Ribreau so that she can see their hard work!