Mazal Tov! It’s a Wedding! And other important news…

We are getting VERY excited for the Aleph and Ayin wedding!  Please let me know if you received the email explaining your child’s role and costume.  

While on the subject of costumes, Purim is coming in two weeks and two days!  (Thursday, March 21st)

Each class has a theme to follow.  Kindergarten gets to dress up as the characters of the Purim story.  Here are some ideas, options, and a request:

  • Queen Ester.  Any princess gown with a crown works here.
  • King Achashverosh.  A cape, crown, and royal scepter would be perfect.
  • Mordechai.  Here you have two options; one is to dress as an old fashioned Rabbi, with a beard and turban.  But there is also the part of the story when Mordechai is dressed in royal robes and rides a horse, so the crown and cape along with a “horse stick” works great!
  • Haman was truly evil.  Please do not send your child dressed as this wicked man.

Another request.  For our Purim project, each child will need an empty paper towel roll.  If you can please send some in, we need it for the week of March 18th.  

Thank you!